Safe Start Child

Parents Helping Parents

Our Love Language is Authenticity

Dear Parents,

When I founded Safe Start, I didn’t want it to be just another baby proofing company. I felt it was important to acknowledge the struggles and accommodate the difficulties of modern parenthood. Importantly, our company has a clear mission: We utilize our safety expertise to support parents with well-balanced and thoughtful safety solutions that improve their everyday lives, approaching each family with empathetic understanding and genuine acceptance. Because let’s be real, parenting isn’t picture-perfect and we believe in embracing the chaos, not hiding it.

The Trauma of Toddlerhood

When we talk about being traumatized by toddlerhood, we’re not exaggerating. The relentless curiosity of toddlers, paired with their unexpected speed and ninja-like abilities requires an immense amount of attention from a parent to keep all limbs in place. And for us? It turned us into baby proofers. It was a coping mechanism, a way to regain some semblance of control in the whirlwind of parenting.

The Unqualified Conversation

We’ve made it a point never to qualify our discussions about children. No ‘but they’re so sweet’ or ‘it’s all worth it in the end’ to soften the blow. Parentng is tough. Period. It’s frustrating, exhausting, messy, annoying, and expensive. The upside may be that it gives you purpose, and, at times, it may be fulfilling. But we think it’s crucial to talk about it in its unadulterated form.

Open Books, Open Hearts

We believe in sharing our personal experiences as parents. The sleepless nights, the mini panic attacks when a toddler goes quiet, the joy of first steps, and the terror of what those steps might lead to. We hope to foster a sense of openness and understanding.

Judgment-Free Zone

Every family’s journey is unique. If a parent chooses not to baby proof, that’s their prerogative. Were here to provide advice, support, and service, not judgments. We respect every parent’s choice because we know firsthand that parenting doesn’t come with a manual.
In the vast landscape of parenting advice and services, Safe Start stands out because of our steadfast dedication to truthfulness. At our core, we are just parents helping parents, navigating the ups and downs of family life, and doing our best to support one another along the way.

With Sincerity & Understanding, Alisa