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Prevention Matters

Every year in the United States, three and a half million children visit a hospital emergency room for accidental injuries that happen at home (Safe Kids Worldwide). These injuries are preventable with the right safeguards.

Child proofing the home protects babies and toddlers – while still allowing them to explore and learn.

“At Safe Start, every home we baby proof is our home, and every child we keep safe is our own.”

Alisa Bishop, Founder

Safety Simplified

Let’s Talk About Baby Proofing

Safe Start offers custom safety solutions tailored to a family’s specific needs and the layout of the home.

For most families this is the most impactful safety solution. Our child safety gates are durable, easy-to-operate, and match the décor of your home.

If you want to keep chaos in your home to a minimum, we recommend securing all cabinets and drawers within a toddler’s reach.

Seventy-seven percent of tip-over fatalities occur in children ages six years old and younger. Furniture should be secured for many years.

Self-closing outlet covers protect electrical sockets. Power strip and cord covers keep wires and cords organized and out of baby’s reach.

Baby Proofing Benefits

Safety You’ll Love

Reduces accidents
Most importantly, baby proofing minimizes the risk of accidents in the home.
Promotes exploration
A safe home provides a secure environment for children to learn and explore, which is crucial for cognitive and physical development.
Protects belongings
Baby proofing keeps possessions from being broken, tipped over, or damaged by a curious child.
Peace of mind
Using safety solutions to manage the flow and spaces children can access, reduces parental anxiety, and improves everyday life.

Who We Are

Redefining child proofing for modern parents

Parent Owned
& Operated

Safe Start was founded by safety expert moms who believe that parents deserve clear & practiced baby proofing guidance from qualified specialists

30 Years’ Experience

They are long-time professional baby proofers. Their child proofing advice and product recommendations are informed by practiced knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Beautiful &
Effective Solutions

Safe Start is committed to recommending the best safety solutions and skillfully installing them in the most attractive way.

Our services

Virtual Safety Services

E-baby proofing for families everywhere

Custom Safety Services

In-person child proofing for families in the Washington, DC area

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Prevent & Protect

Safety Resources

We offer a variety of safety resources alongside proven product solutions

Online sources that educate parents on home hazards & safety risks are wholly inadequate. While parents can find information on household dangers, the child safety products that will effectively mitigate these risks are hidden from view.

So it’s nearly impossible for families who don’t hire a professional baby proofer to achieve safe & successful results. Until now…

Best Products

The Safety Shop

Created by professional baby proofers, the Safety Shop is an expertly curated selection of the most effective child safety products on the market.

We only recommend products with a proven safety record (and we have installed 100,000s of them so we know!)


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