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How We Do It

Our Approach

Parenting is Tough! Safe Start Makes Child Safety Simple.

At Safe Start, child proofing is not only about protecting babies and toddlers, but also creating solutions to improve families’ everyday lives.  Our recommendations are guided by a uniquely holistic Family First Approach. 



The products we recommend are simple and efficient; ensuring they will be used consistently, correctly & safely.

Safe & Stylish

Parents can enjoy functional, chic, modern baby proofing solutions that fit right in with their home’s overall style.


We empower parents by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to keep their child safe. We educate parents on the most up to date safety practices in the home.

Developmental Understanding

Our products don’t just act as barriers – they were designed with an overall understanding of the developmental stages of toddlers and babies. Safe Start understands the evolving capacities, curiosities, and movements of children at various ages.

Flexibility & Adaptability

We ensure that products and strategies can adapt to the changing needs of growing children and remain relevant over time.

Honesty & Authenticity

We are authentic when offering advice and non-judgmental about the choices parents make.

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Our Family First Approach is a new & improved way to think about child proofing

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